A Blog about being single after divorce? I must be the first.

I decided to start this blog to find new ways of laughing at myself and in turn maybe allowing others to laugh at me as well.  It could also be that I would like to know how others relate to some of the experiences that I have had recently.  What are those experiences you ask (I knew you were going to ask and being the proactive person I am I figured that I would ask for you therefore saving us both time, you are welcome!)?  I recently became single through no request of my own after almost a 20 year relationship making me a single father, oh and incredibly unaware of how to date or pursue the opposite sex.  Like painfully so.  I think I have reverted back to my 14-year-old self when it comes to the dating world.  By that I mean I may have recently dialed and hung up on a woman then ran giggling around the house, my heart racing with the notion that she could have picked up prior to me desperately poking at my phone to hang up.  Times are a bit different with caller ID on every phone unlike the last time I dated and used a rotary phone, but we will get into more of that later.

I figured I wanted to make the best out of the situation of learning not only how to date but everything else that goes into what ever the hell I am supposed to be doing right now.  Then maybe I could not feel so foolish or inept if I laughed about it while having some fun at the same time by sharing my horrors with a world that, to their benefit, has no idea who I am.  I tend to be self-aware, so I know how ridiculous some of the things I may do or think can be, why not laugh about it as I proceed.

This, for sure, isn’t a blog that you should come to for advice as far as I am concerned (you have been warned).  I have no formal education outside of some community college courses and a stint in Photography school, neither of which will aid in your becoming an almost 40-year-old player or playa?  This will simply be a simple man’s view into his own awkward attempts at life post marriage.  I am sure there will be some serious thoughts thrown out to the world as well (apologies in advance), but I am looking to allow my sarcastic, self-deprecating ways out to explore a bit (much to the chagrin of my therapist who thinks I should love myself or something weird like that!  It just isn’t how I was raised. That was a joke by the way, no need for the “Awe” sympathy moment……..my therapist hates me too).  So here it goes!  I hope you enjoy.


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