Tearing down and building up….

May of 2016 I walked into a Guitar Center to look, I swear just look, at guitars.  Hung high upon the wall was a Derek Trucks Gibson SG.  It showcased a natural wood with a red finish and it was gorgeous.  I had a plan throughout the six months that she lived with me that... Continue Reading →

Home is where the heart is…..

.....but what is it called when your heart is elsewhere? I told my two teenage boys as we were hefting large items up three flights of steps to my new dwelling that I never considered a structure a home.  For me home was where the things I cared about were.  It was where ever they... Continue Reading →

…..Be thy Father…..

The main road of the quiet country town veered through wooded acres of land leading its travelers further and further from what most would consider modern convenience. Passersby drove the numerous hills leading them into what was known as the "Hilltowns", and located about half way up the second to last hill, twas a long... Continue Reading →

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