Riding the Wave,

There is no question that I have lived with depression the vast majority of my life. I find it hard to believe that most haven’t experienced this feeling whether they want to admit it or not, I just don’t see how it is avoidable. There were many moments where I have let it take me... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts (aka – three vodka tonics).

It's raining.  The sound to me is like thousands of tiny feet slapping against a plastic floor.  Thwap, thwap, thwap.  I always loved the sound of the rain.  I wanted a metal roof on the house she and I owned so the sound of the rain would be magnified.  It brings me peace to hear... Continue Reading →

Advice – 3 of 3

Assholes that are functional – This is advice that may not necessarily be pretty (advice I  may not have wanted to hear at the time) but it is functional and eventually led to a greater moment of thinking. You need to get away from her – It was a really hard realization for me when... Continue Reading →


I find that the search for a new meaningful life comes with the implementation of alcoholism and the search for diabetes (thank you peanut m&m's and Reese's Pieces).  The devil that may maintain a permanent residence upon my right shoulder is constantly beating the shit out of the angel that is attempting to reside on my... Continue Reading →

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